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A magician on the ice

By Talaya Robinson-Dancy
Dayton, OH

If an Ivy League hockey coach started to describe his favorite player, who would you envision? This player scored the most points in one season in Princeton history, with 61 goals, was the Ivy League rookie of the year, and was named the team’s most valuable player three times.

“I used to watch and [this player] was a magician on the ice,” said Jeff Kampersal, a former Princeton hockey player who is now the women’s hockey coach. Continue reading

Profile: Skye Ettin discusses coaching, family, leadership

By Miriam Garcia
San Fernando, CA

The tall glass windows illuminated the entrance of Jadwin Gym, and hip-hop music thumped in the background as I searched for the coach. In the dome-shaped main gym, lights beamed down, championship flags waved and players thwacked the ball down the court.

This is the second home of Skyelar Ettin, assistant coach for the Princeton University men’s basketball team.  Continue reading

The man helping a team of women break through the ice ceiling

By Katie Marciniak
Chicago, IL

As the players make their way toward the rink, the cool air awakens their nerves. They assess their competition from behind the glass as they skate onto the ice one by one. The referee drops the puck on the ice, the players face off and the game begins.

You may have visualized a hockey game taking place, but did you presume men as the players? People don’t typically associate women with aggressive sports such as hockey. But according to the International Ice Hockey Federation, since the first IIHF women’s season in 1990, the number of female hockey players has ballooned from roughly 6,000 to more than 65,000.  Continue reading

Jets vs. Jaguars: a play-by-play

By Kasandra Gonzalez
Roma, TX

The countdown starts early.

By 5:30 p.m., football fans starving for a new season have already set up tents around the parking lot of MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, N.J. Mass chattering and the clinking of beers flood the parking lot as fans exchange greetings at their tailgates.

Inside the stadium, both teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets, warm up. On the home side, Jets quarterback Christian Hackenberg swiftly passes to wide receiver Anthony Kelly. The crowd starts filing into the stadium as selfies are showcased on the Jumbotron.  Continue reading

To capture a football game: live from the press box

By Tommie Robinson
Jonesboro, GA

There are plenty of things that go unnoticed at any football game. You don’t have to be in love with a game to go to one.

If you are curious enough, you can study everything but the game.

Before a recent pre-season game between the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Meadowlands–my first NFL game–rows and rows of fans barbequed, threw footballs and got drunk in the parking lot. Continue reading

Meet Skye Ettin, assistant men’s basketball coach

By Anterrica Brady
Panther Burn, MS

Scrimmaging with one another, basketball players ferociously dribble the ball against the hardwood floor as their shoes squeak.  Although the noisy air conditioner continues to chill the air, the players are still sweating. Meanwhile, one man sits calmly without a single bead of sweat.

Behind the scenes, Skyelar Ettin, a 24-year-old assistant basketball coach at Princeton University, has a huge role to play in his team’s games. As a young man leading other young men, Ettin has proven to be a capable leader, displaying a surprising level of confidence and experience. Although his age is close to his players’, Ettin remains professional. Ettin believes that it’s important to show “the players this is [his] job and [he] takes pride in it.”  Continue reading

Jets defeat Jaguars 17-13

By Alexess Sosa
Big Spring, TX

The New York Jets earned a come-from-behind victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in their preseason opener on Wednesday, prevailing 17-13 at MetLife Stadium despite a poor offensive showing.

The Jets gained just 284 yards compared to Jacksonville’s 415, but New York still triumphed after a strong second-quarter performance.

The Jaguars started strong behind third-year quarterback Blake Bortles, who went 6 of 7 for 105 yards, leading Jacksonville to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter. Jason Myers kicked a 33-yard field goal to open the scoring, and a Chris Ivory 1-yard run put Jacksonville up by two scores.  Continue reading