Frozen sweets for hot summer nights

By Miguel Diaz
Bronx, N.Y.

As you enter The Bent Spoon, a Princeton ice cream shop, the decadent smell of organic ice cream wafts over you, making it tempting to taste the flavors. The ice cream flavors are written on small pieces of cardboard above the counter, giving off a family business feel.

The streets of Princeton include many stores that attract customers from all over the town. Some of the best, however, are ice cream stores. Everyone loves a tasty ice cream cone on a hot summer day, right? For Princeton locals, stores like The Bent Spoon and Thomas Sweet satisfy that craving.

Thomas Sweet manager Joe Beckett explained that the store was founded in 1980. “I think the University owned this place and actually wanted the store to open,” he said. On a typical Saturday, his store brings in about $2,700.

The rich and unique concoctions of flavors and toppings tantalize customers as they eagerly await their turn to order.

“As manager, I bake cakes and we choose our new flavors by popular customer demand,” Beckett said. “If a bunch of customers want it, then eventually we’ll have it.”

On the other side of town, the Bent Spoon is open seven days a week to satisfy all its customers. “My favorite flavor is definitely mango,” Chayya Khan, 39, said. “This place is so great.”

Another customer, Adrienne Cacyotto, said that her favorite flavor was the pistachio with dark chocolate melon. “The Bent Spoon feels very unique and homey,” she said.

As Princeton local Christine Meriz said, “I come here way too often, according to my wallet—and my waistline.”

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