Ups and downs of Princeton sports with Jerry Price

By Christina Gaspar
Oceanside, Calif.

Jerry Price, who currently serves as Princeton’s Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Athletic Communications, used to view Princeton sports from the outside, covering the school’s teams for both The Trenton Times and The Princeton Packet. A graduate of University of Pennsylvania, he was hired by Princeton in 1994 and became the voice of Princeton’s sports teams.

His love for writing was evident when describing his journalistic career during a recent interview with the Princeton Summer Journal. But his career path changed when he switched gears and entered the world of public-relations. “Honestly? The money was better than at the paper,” he explained.

Price is the man who knows the stats for Princeton’s varsity teams and can give a response quickly. At Princeton, student-athletes have to perform at a high academic level while competing vigorously in their sport. As Price explained, “The academic index requirements, including grades and test scores, is harder for the Ivy Leagues. The athletes recruited have to hit the target based on the non-athletes of the freshman class.” Or in much more blunt words, as Price put it, “You can’t just go and recruit any idiot off the street you want.”

Price manages “TigerBlog,” which highlights the achievements of Princeton’s athletic teams. One achievement that impressed Price was the success of last year’s women’s basketball team, which was undefeated until they lost against Maryland in the NCAA tournament. Price was less enthusiastic about the men’s hockey team, admitting that the team is currently struggling.

When asked where he saw himself in 15 years, Price seemed to wander off into a storm of thoughts. “How old do you think I am?” he asked, adding, “I would really like to write a book.”

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