A Princeton scientist becomes an Assemblyman

By Josue Giron
Jersey City, NJ

With Election Day three months away, New Jersey Democratic Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker is making his case for reelection by pointing to his opposition to the Trump administration and his background as a scientist.

The charismatic full-time scientist and part-time politician dropped by Princeton University, where he works as a physicist at the school’s Plasma Physics Lab, to speak about his past, the Trump administration, and how his role as a scientist helped him narrowly win his election in the 16th District. (The district historically leans Republican.)

“We’ll have a Democratic Governor this upcoming November – and it will cause a shift,” Zwicker told reporters. “We’ll see a larger voter turnout – it’s highly likely.”

Zwicker explained that he uses his role as a scientist to help him win over the people and their votes. “People trust us, we’re the eggheads and the nerds,” he said.

“There is a continual need to earn the trust of the people,” Zwicker added. “I’ve had my issues with even my own party, due to my career, but I’ve tried to make sure I can play along with the others.”

Zwicker said he uses “evidence to make decisions,” and approaches his work the same way he approaches science.

Zwicker said that he advocates for increased state funding for college loans, to ensure that students had appropriate funding to obtain an education. In addition, he supports college safe spaces, areas meant to allow students of all walks of life to feel comfortable on campus. He even emphasized his drive to pass the Voter Empowerment Act, which serves as an initiative to include 17-year-olds in upcoming elections in an attempt to gain the opinion of young adults in the polls.

Another question asked for his opinion about Trump.

“[Trump]’s a terrible businessman and president,” Zwicker said.

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