Princeton residents on favorite, least favorite things about Trump

By Wilson Cruz and Tamara Sanchez
Los Angeles, CA and Waukegan, IL

When New Jersey resident Santford Overton was asked what he disliked most about President Donald Trump, he had a hard time choosing one thing.

“Everything about him is a fraud,” said Overton, 68, a retired school teacher.

He stated that President Trump cannot be trusted, and his biggest concern is that Trump is a “pathological liar.” Overton said that one thing he will never forget is when President Trump made fun of a reporter with a disability during the campaign.

“Everything just adds up,” he said.

Overton’s views were similar to those of several people interviewed Friday, August 4 in Palmer Square, a shopping district and park area in Princeton, NJ. None of them found much good in the first six months of the Trump presidency. They said he was untrustworthy and possibly corrupt.

James Saunders, a 27-year-old manufacturer from New Jersey, was concerned about the role President Trump’s family is playing in his presidency.

Saunders said it is “a little unsettling” that Trump has used his authority to appoint his family into different positions of power. He said it is at odds with American democracy.

Trump is able to “fire who he wants and choose who he wants,” Saunders added.

Saunders added it was “tough” to isolate the best part of Trump’s presidency.

Forty-nine-year old Ramita Lipetz and her 15-year-old daughter, Rachel Lipetz, also had difficulty finding anything complimentary to say about Trump’s administration.

“He has not done anything positive,” Ramita Lipetz said. Her daughter added that the ban on transgender people in the military was her least favorite thing Trump has done. She added that making the announcement on Twitter was rude and he should have behaved more maturely.

Ramita Lipetz also expressed concerns that Trump uses Twitter and his presidency for “temper tantrums.”

“He turned the office of presidency into a place of petty things,” she said.


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