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Putting players on pedestals, only to watch them fall

By Jasmine White
Birmingham, Ala.

For a moment, Riley Cooper got lost in all the celebrity. The money, the fame, adoration by millions all over the country—it appears that he found the glamor of it all seductive. But in recent weeks, it seems that Cooper has finally gotten a wakeup call: Fans leave just as easily as they emerge. Continue reading

Eagles lose preseason game

By Lesley Le Platte
Atlanta, Ga.

PHILADELPHIA—The Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots on Friday night in the first game of the NFL preseason for both teams. Chip Kelly led the Eagles for the first time as head coach. The Eagles had the home field advantage and implemented Kelly’s new offensive style, but ultimately fell to the Patriots, 31-22. Continue reading

Battle of the QBs in Philly

By Ashley Jones-Quaidoo
Hyattsville, Md.

PHILADELPHIA—Several storylines dominated the build-up to Friday night’s preseason opener between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots: Philly coach Chip Kelly’s NFL debut, Aaron Hernandez’s arrest for a recent murder, the fallout from Riley Cooper’s racist gaffe at a Kenny Chesney concert last month.

But the big question looming over the field: Who would win the battle to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback between players Michael Vick and Nick Foles? Continue reading

Pats defeat Eagles, 31-22

By Lorena Alvarez
Tustin, Calif.

PHILADELPHIA—The New England Patriots trounced the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday, 31-22, during their first preseason game, which was awash with the anticipation that naturally comes from a game where one team has a new coach and dueling starting quarterbacks, while the other has a former star player facing charges of first-degree murder. Continue reading