Despite lead in polls, Trump garners skepticism on N.Y. streets

By ShiWanda Sheard-Perry
West Helena, Ark.

NEW YORK — Donald Trump is a shocking subject. In interviews with the Princeton Summer Journal, people on the street in New York responded with everything from gasps to looks and sounds of disgust and disapproval.  These everyday New Yorkers were all from different places and backgrounds, but they all had one thing in common — they are not for Donald Trump.

New Yorkers either had a mouthful to say or made no comment at all about the leading Republican candidate. The biggest challenge was finding someone who would actually speak on the subject. But when they did they gave some very interesting responses.

“He’s a stupid racist prick,” Giselle, a Latin American resident of New York, said. Would she ever vote for him? “Not in a million years.”

The criticism continued with Brian Bena, a well-spoken gentleman who appeared to be in his late 20s. “He’s a maniac,” Bena responded. “He’s so caught up in himself and his enterprise that he’s dissociated with society … He doesn’t present to me as a person who cares for the standard American people.”

“He’s a narcissist and a sociopath,” said Jessica, an elderly woman from California. “He wants attention. He’s appealing to the frustration of working class people who aren’t educated enough to understand what he’s doing.”

In addition to the name-calling, some consider him to be a comedian. “He’s funny to watch,” Rose Fay said. “I’m only watching [the first Republican debate] to see him say something stupid.”

Not everyone loathes Trump. Emily Johnson sees him as a very successful man who she “doesn’t respect politically.” “I will not likely vote for him,” she said. “I think it’s interesting how he quotes Sarah Palin; they’re both fun to watch.”

Some citizens were so speechless that they literally gave two- or three-word responses. Others used simple phrases to express their feelings toward Trump:

“He’s interesting,” Bob Burr said.

“I prefer not to think about Donald Trump,” Sharlene said.

“I hate him,” Chelsea said.

Though Trump is leading in the polls, there are still some people who don’t appreciate his attention-seeking stunts. Even though the interviewees were all different — from the clothes they wore to the neighborhoods they live in — their opinions on Trump were the same.

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