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Despite lead in polls, Trump garners skepticism on N.Y. streets

By ShiWanda Sheard-Perry
West Helena, Ark.

NEW YORK — Donald Trump is a shocking subject. In interviews with the Princeton Summer Journal, people on the street in New York responded with everything from gasps to looks and sounds of disgust and disapproval.  These everyday New Yorkers were all from different places and backgrounds, but they all had one thing in common — they are not for Donald Trump.

New Yorkers either had a mouthful to say or made no comment at all about the leading Republican candidate. The biggest challenge was finding someone who would actually speak on the subject. But when they did they gave some very interesting responses. Continue reading

On N.Y. streets, Trump’s candidacy wins smiles, skepticism

By Kamila Czachorowski
Norridge, Ill.

NEW YORK — Donald Trump is against political correctness, has said the Mexican government is sending criminals and rapists to the United States, and lacks experience as an elected official. On Aug. 6, the day of the first Republican debate, 13 people on the High Line in New York answered questions about Trump. Given Trump’s reputation, their initial reactions were either a laugh or smile.

There was much discussion about why the businessman is at the top of the polls and whether he can even be considered a legitimate candidate. Four of the 13 people interviewed believed that Trump’s popularity is due to his charisma, candor and connections — qualities reflective of his background in the entertainment industry. Continue reading

In Princeton, Christie’s bid falls flat

By Trista Merrival
Pine Ridge, S.D.

Voters in Princeton say Chris Christie doesn’t make the mark in the 2016 presidential race. People interviewed by the Princeton Summer Journal on July 31 said the Governor is not cooperative and doesn’t have the profile to get the Republican nomination.

Christie’s poll numbers have recently dropped in his home state, in part due to the increase in time he has spent on the campaign trail in pursuit of the 2016 Republican nomination. However, voters still like that he expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in New Jersey.

Ricardo Dummodie, a 24-year-old graduate student who has lived in New Jersey for two years, said that “Chris Christie is not much of a statesman.” Continue reading

Princeton residents question Christie’s presidential bid

By ShiWanda Sheard-Perry
West Helena, Ark.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been down in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination. A recent poll conducted by Monmouth University showed he only had the support of 4.4 percent of Republican voters, trailing fellow GOP candidates Donald Trump (26%), Jeb Bush (12.2%), Scott Walker (11.1%), Ted Cruz (5.8%), Mike Huckabee (5.7%) and Ben Carson (4.6%).

Even in his home state, he doesn’t seem to have a firm group of supporters. After conducting four interviews with New Jersey residents for the Princeton Summer Journal, Christie seemed to be hated. Continue reading