Princetonians discuss Christie and Trump

By Ashley Standafer and Xuan Truong
Hyden, KY and Springfield, MA

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a polarizing politician who inspired both outright anger and respect among those interviewed on a recent Saturday night in Princeton, N.J.

“He’s a bully and it shows who he really is as a person,” said Robert Delanty, 47. He believes that Christie “sold himself out on the Trump endorsement,” referring to the governor’s support of the Republican presidential candidate.  

Bruce Leslie, 72, is a New York resident, but he’s also outraged about Christie’s Donald Trump endorsement, referring to the presidential contender’s campaign as “the equivalent of a Nazi rally.” “Christie and Trump share the same thoughts, they are quite similar,” he added

The older generations are not alone in criticizing Christie. Princeton students Erika Norton and Melissa Fores had a strong reaction to the mere mention of Christie’s name. “I can’t stand him,” Norton said. Fores shook her head and added, “He’s a horrible human being.“

The two women grew even more agitated when discussing Christie’s education policies. “He is hindering our state, and taking away from teachers and the public school system,” shouted Fores.  “Christie doesn’t care about the public. He sends his kids to private schools!”

Norton added: “The rich endorses the rich! He’s corporate and cynical.”

But not everyone felt that Christie is doing wrong as governor. William Maggio, a Princeton resident who voted for Christie in 2013, believes that the governor “may have had a mixed record but had some good things about him.” When asked whether his feelings have changed over the years, Maggio’s face softened, and he confidently stated: “I voted for him four years ago. I would vote for him again.”

John Lee, another New Jersey resident, echoed Maggio’s sentiments.

“I am not disappointed in my decision to vote for Christie,” he said with a broad smile.


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