Local Princeton Residents Remain Unsure of 2020 Election Stance

By Jarlem Lopez Morel and JC Villon

New York, N.Y. and Brooklyn, N.Y.

Two sets of Democratic debates and countless candidate interviews have sought to clarify the candidates’ stances on various issues. Yet some Princeton residents interviewed this month said they are still unsure what the 2020 hopefuls believe and what their policies and plans are. Jason Green, 42, who is “very interested” in following the campaign, said voters are not “receiving authenticity from the Democratic candidates.”

Cynthia Medley, 24, said she’s still waiting to find out “what the candidates are really about,” adding that she wasn’t following the race very closely. “Nobody is completely wrong on anything,” she said.

The theatrics seen on all four nights of Democratic debates led some Princeton viewers to feel indifferent regarding the candidates’ policies. Residents said the contenders focused too much on attacking the other candidates rather than discussing their own plans.

Annemarie Porter, 58, followed the debates attentively. The candidates, she said, failed to stand out and provide the Democrats with a “strong enough candidate to beat [President Donald] Trump.”

Many residents said they believe that, because the candidates were aiming to capture independent votes, they were not proposing extreme policy positions. However, independent voters, such as Porter and Medley, said a candidate who can beat Trump is as important as a candidate who represents their beliefs.

The August debates, which drew more than 10 million viewers, did little to change the position of frontrunner Joe Biden. The poll numbers of the candidates below him, however, did fluctuate.

Biden is still at 32 percent in the Aug. 6 Quinnipiac University poll, with Elizabeth Warren at 21 percent (an increase of six points from before the debate) and Bernie Sanders at 14 percent. Kamala Harris’ approval rating, which after the first debate surged to 13 percent, fell to seven percent in the poll.

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