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Princeton students start nonprofit based on Montessori school system

By Navil Perez
Thornton, Colo.

Several Princeton students and alumni are looking to follow in the footsteps of Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp ’89 by tackling the challenge of education in America.

Christian Smutherman ’14, Greg Groves ’13, Jason Warrington ’13 and Amina Yamusah ’13 are establishing a nonprofit called the Freestye Montessori Urban Academy (FMUA). Continue reading

Student entrepreneurs to launch schools in urban areas

By Jasmine White
Birmingham, Ala.

While studying abroad in South Africa during their junior year, Princeton students Jason Warrington ’13 and Greg Groves ’13 found themselves engaged in deep discussions about what they were seeing—for instance, a homeless man sitting outside a BMW dealership. Looking back, Warrington described the poverty as completely “in your face.”

These discussions made Groves and Warrington resolve to do something about poverty here in their own country. And so, this summer, having graduated from college, the pair, along with Christian Smutherman ’14 and Amina Yamusah ’13, is working to start Freestyle Montessori, a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide educational opportunities in urban areas. Continue reading

Start-up schools to address poverty

By Odett Salcedo
New York, N.Y.

Studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, last year, Jason Warrington ’13 and Greg Groves ’13 could not help but notice the poverty that surrounded them. The two Princeton students were especially struck by the homelessness and poor standards of education. While the situation moved them, they realized that very similar problems were affecting Americans back home.

Along with Christian Smutherman ’14 and Amina Yamusah ’13, they wanted to find a way to approach the problem. Continue reading