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A look inside Mudd Library, home of Princeton senior theses

By Amanda Koym
Madisonville, TX

Slightly brittle and yellowing with age, the pages of the 1916 edition of the Nassau Herald crinkle as they move. Within the century-old pages is a short blurb, six paragraphs long, and a photo of one of the Great American Authors, his face blank. It is F. Scott Fitzgerald, age 19.

The yearbook is stored in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, a division of Princeton’s Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Built in 1976, the library houses Princeton University’s 1748 charter, as well as the senior theses of politicians such as Ted Cruz and actors such as David Duchovny.  If you want to look at the files inside, however, there are some rules. Continue reading